A dedicated advisor who is with you every step of the way

An agile road map that we adapt as the market changes

Measurable results that are aligned with your values

Chart the course to leaving your legacy.

You've worked too long and too hard to risk losing it all based on these uncertain times.

You deserve to enjoy everything you've achieved with the people who matter the most in your life.

The times ahead will most likely be stormy and unpredictable. That doesn't mean you need to be thrown off course with the ebb and flow of the tide.

At Borough Wealth Management we believe there's opportunity in the uncertainty and you'll thrive rather than be left behind.

Let's talk wealth management

Family first.

Wealth management is more than dollars and cents. We know that talking about money can be uncomfortable and stressful.

In addition to sound financial advice and guidance, we truly care about how you feel so you can trust, confide and connect with us at a deeper level.

At Borough Wealth Management, along with being financial experts, we put ourselves in your shoes and fully understand your situation, needs and goals so to provide bespoke solutions.

For close to three decades, our network has helped hundreds of family businesses with 8 figure net worths generate assets for generations to come.

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Trust us to show you the way:


Schedule a complimentary session to identify what money really means to you so you can realize your potential.


Together we'll create a customized online marketing roadmap to accomplish your goals.

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Along with navigating unforeseen hurdles together, we'll ease your investing worries.

We know what you're thinking...

I already have a financial advisor.

Just because you have an advisor, it doesn't mean they're the right one for right now. You owe it to yourself to be aware of what's possible through a few complimentary value-based conversations that offer actionable tips, not sales pitches.

Financial advisors are expensive.

The old adage is "you get what you pay for". Our approach is to exceed expectations by offering a comprehensive method to grow and protect your assets while ensuring that what we implement is aligned with who you are.

I'm comfortable with the way things are.

It's safe to say that what worked 12 months ago won't work today. Imagine how much better your life could be if you adapted your financial plan to current market conditions. Every day you stay comfortable is a day you fall behind instead of forging ahead.

I don't trust anyone with my assets.

Many times we speak to people who've had bad experiences with financial advisors in the past. They've lost money, missed opportunities and have had to start all over again. With that said, doing it on your own is not the solution. Having a conversation around what's possible now makes more sense.

I don't want to be pitched more products.

Sales people often insult our intelligence by pitching products rather than truly getting to know you and offering expert oversight and guidance. We're not about products, we're about you, your family, your enterprise and your assets.

Why can't this wait?

There's never been a better time than now to grow and protect your wealth. Market volatility offers opportunities that didn't exist prior to our current economic and financial environment. We encourage you to seize the day!

3 Ways to Work with Us

Financial Planning & Asset Allocation Planning

Personalized recommendations for a diversified portfolio and solutions to help protect you from uncertainty.

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Succession Design & Conflict Planning

Unlock the untapped potential of your team. Transform your culture through meaningful leadership development.

Tax Mitigation Strategies & Efficiency Planning

Pro-active tax analysis leads to opportunities like depreciation bonuses and deductions to minimize your tax burden.


Discover 10 Ways to Create Meaning From Money

Simple changes for living a purpose-driven life

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An Integrative Approach to Family Wealth Management

Integrative wealth management is more than just planning and reporting, it's how you manage your investments on a daily basis the same way you would think about your life as a whole.

Ideally your values inform the business decisions you'll make. What drives you will drive your wealth and we'll course correct as your life circumstances evolve.

Mark Borough

Family Wealth Enterprise Advisor

Mark Borough is a private wealth manager in the greater Los Angeles area. His career spans over 25 years in financial planning, asset allocation and administration, business development, marketing, sales and compliance management within the financial services industry. He has held professional positions in areas of securities, insurance, banking, real estate and mortgages.

Mr. Borough devoted years to behavioral research and study. His consistent inquiry is focused on applied finance and economic choices. Mr. Borough has organized Borough Wealth Management, LLC to supply a distinctive fiduciary method to Family Wealth Enterprises.